Despite 50 releases, February 2024 upholds Tollywood’s custom of being a dull season

Of the 50 films, only one emerged successful — Suhas-starrer 'Ambajipeta Marriage Band'.

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Published Mar 02, 2024 | 10:55 AMUpdatedMar 02, 2024 | 10:55 AM

February 2024 has been a dry season in Tollywood

In Tollywood, February is often referred to as the “dry season” because of the scarcity of major releases.

Industry insiders hold a firm belief that movies released during this period are unlikely to become blockbusters. Even the stats in Telugu cinema show that successful films in February were all mid-range or small-budget flicks.

However, if you observe the films released in February 2024, despite a staggering 50 movies had hit the theatres, no project achieved groundbreaking success.

In February, Tollywood witnessed an influx of new films at the box office. As many as 50 movies were released in the month.

Among the notable titles were Ambajipeta Marriage Band, Boot Cut Balaraju, Dheera, Game On, and Happy Ending among several small films and dubbed films from other regions.

Despite the abundance of new content, none of the releases became blockbusters.

Of the 50 films, only one emerged successful — Suhas-starrer Ambajipeta Marriage Band.

With the lack of major hits in February 2024, the month upholds the trend of being a dry season.

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