Darshan’s foot-in-mouth saga continues, gets himself embroiled in another controversy

Challenging Star Darshan, who is basking in the success of 'Kaatera', gets trolled for his latest remarks against producer Umapathy.

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Published Feb 22, 2024 | 5:39 PMUpdatedFeb 22, 2024 | 5:41 PM

Darshan lands in another controversy for his remarks against producer Umapathy

A popular proverb in Kannada goes: “Maatu Mane Kedasitu, Tootu Ole Kedasitu“. It means talks ruin a home and a hole ruins a cooking stove (typically made out of mud). The adage suits one of the most popular Kannada actors Darshan, who is the favourite child of controversy.

Known for his straightforwardness, the Challenging Star is yet again in the news for another couple of foot-in-mouth sagas.

The actor could not have asked for more this year as his Kaatera is witnessing a wondrous run at the box office. It recently completed 50 days.

Also, several exciting projects were announced on the occasion of his birthday on 16 February.

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Controversy’s favourite child!

Until recently, Darshan made headlines for his remarks on the “goddess of luck”, the forest department raiding his farmhouse near Mysuru, a lady filing a complaint in Bengaluru against him after his pet dog allegedly bit her, and the police enquiring him about a pendant over accusations of it being a tiger claw.

Well, the list goes on!

In the latest turn of events, Darshan is being criticised for using inappropriate words while countering the Kannada film producer Umapathy Gowda, during the 50-day celebration of Kaatera.

Umapathy claimed that he suggested the title Kaatera for the film and also got the story written in the first place. But the project did not take off for some reason.

While addressing the 50th-day celebration of Kaatera, Darshan said, “I need to clarify a few things as someone (Umapathy) has said that he gave the title of Kaatera.”

This was when he used inappropriate words like ‘tagade’, ‘Gummisikoltiya‘. While ‘tagade’ roughly means scrap or something related to waste material, ‘Gummisikoltiya‘ means get banged or hit by.

The words, as expected, incited producer Umapathy to hit back at Darshan with subtle yet strong reactions.

The producer stood by his statements and even questioned those who claimed ₹100-plus crore box-office collection for his previous flick Roberrt (2021).

Then came the remarks about women!

Meanwhile, Darshan’s choice of words, especially while referring to women at an event marking his 25th year in the film industry, returned to haunt him after a women’s association took an exception to it.

At the event, Darshan spoke about how focused he was on films and all that he thought about was his fans whom he referred to as celebrities, filmmakers and technicians.

While making a passing remark about women in his life, he said in Kannada, “Ivattu ivalu irtala, naale avalu iratala, hoge avalajjina badiya…”. A rough translation of it would be that one (referring woman) might be there for today and another for tomorrow and why should be bothered so?

Now, this became a controversy after a women’s association reached out to the women’s commission seeking an apology from Darshan and clarification over using such words, especially while addressing a public gathering attended by prominent members, including his diehard fans.

The association also averred that such remarks would have a great influence on his fans and followers.

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Mind your words

Darshan’s remarks had a snowball effect with many criticising and trolling the actors on social media.

Among them were a handful, who claimed to be his die-hard fans. Some of them expressed displeasure citing that there was no need for the actor to make such statements and requested him to mind his words in future.

Also, a pro-Kannada organisation reached out to the Kannada Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) over the actor’s remark against the producer. They stated that legendary actors like the late Dr Rajkumar always respected film producers, and referred to them as “annadaata” meaning food providers.

However, Darshan insulted and even threatened the film producer, which was unacceptable. They also sought action against the actor in the matter.

Box-office collection

Amid the ongoing controversy, producer Umapathy came out in the open saying he incurred a loss against claims that his previous film Roberrt, directed by Tharun Kishore Sudhir, collected more than ₹100 crore.

He challenged anyone who contests, saying so to come to him with proof. He revealed that he incurred a huge loss by releasing Roberrt in the Telugu-speaking states.

He even told the media that due to the inflated figures about the film’s collection, his account has been frozen and is yet to get the GST money back.

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