D3 review: Could have been an enthralling watch but for the loose ends

Too many unrelated twists and slack editing make the audience lose interest in director Balaaji’s investigative thriller.

ByManigandan KR

Published:Mar 17, 2023

d3 movie review
Works in parts!

D3 (Tamil)

  • Cast: Prajin, Vidya Pradeep, Charlie, Rahul Madhav, Abhishek Kumar, Varghese Mathew, Gayathiri Yuvaraj, and Aroul D Shankar
  • Director: Balaaji
  • Producers:Manoj and Senthilkumari
  • Music: Sreejith Edavana
  • Runtime: 2 hours 2 minutes

The title of director Balaaji’s film D3 refers to the name of a police station where ab inspector of police solves a series of kidnapping and murder cases that were initially dismissed as accidents.

The plot revolves around Vikram (Prajin), the inspector of the D3 police station located at scenic Kutralam in Tamil Nadu.

He senses that something is seriously wrong when he begins investigating an accident case. It appears to be a hit-and-run case where a lorry runs over the victim who is walking towards her vehicle.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness feels that there was something strange about the manner in which the victim walked to her death.

still from d3 movie

A still from ‘D3’ movie. (Supplied)

Vikram recalls a similar case of accidental death where an eyewitness uses the same phrase — “There’s as something strange about the manner in which the victim walked to her death”.

He realises that what the eyewitnesses mean by that phrase is that the victims appear to be in a trance while they walk to their deaths.

Serial killings

Vikram suspects the deaths to be murders and intensifies his investigation. As he begins to make a list of similar cases, hundreds of such cases emerge. As he tries to reopen those old cases, he starts receiving threats.

Soon, Vikram realises that he touched a live wire that could not only put his life at risk but also the lives of his dear and near.

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One thing leads to another and Vikram is able to crack the series of cases but not before suffering serious losses, both personally and professionally.

Who is behind all these murders and how is it that people are being led to their deaths? What is the perpetrator gaining out of the whole exercise? D3 gives you answers to all these questions and more.

d3 movie still

A still from ‘D3’ movie. (Supplied)

The film starts off quite interestingly. But then, too many unrelated twists in the story begin to make you lose interest.

Also, the fact that the hero squanders leads that could have helped him crack the case leaves you frustrated.

Some good, sharp, tight editing could have made D3 a much more engaging entertainer.

Several questions remain unanswered

There are several questions that the movie fails to answer.

For instance, people who don’t want Vikram to reopen the closed files could have got rid of him by employing the same method they used for the other victims — accidental deaths. However, they do not do that and it makes you wonder why.

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This apart, the climax portions of D3 come across as being a tad exaggerated. What it does in the process is that it dents the credibility of the film’s plot.

Great performances

poster of balaaji's d3

A poster of ‘D3’ Tamil movie. (Supplied)

Prajin as Vikram does a reasonably good job.

Vidya Pradeep, who plays Vikram’s wife Maya, also impresses with her performance.

Rahul Madhav, who plays a doctor and a close friend of Vikram, steals the limelight.

Charlie, who delivered several noteworthy performances, delivers yet another commendable performance in D3. He plays a supporting role and appears as a constable who is to retire from the police force the next day.

On the technical side, Sreejith Edavana’s music and cinematographer Manikandan’s visuals are apt.

Final take

In all, Balaaji’s D3 works in parts. Had it been handled well, it could have gone on to be a gripping thriller.

(Views expressed are personal.)