How a story cooked up to escape ‘wife’s wrath’ made Sikkim chief minister dial Karnataka

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Published Aug 21, 2023 | 8:43 PMUpdated Aug 22, 2023 | 7:43 AM

How a story cooked up to escape ‘wife’s wrath’ made Sikkim chief minister dial Karnataka

Dinesh Subba, who grew up seeing the Kangchenjunga from Rinchenpong in West Sikkim, knew well that “what goes up must come down”. On 16 August, he was reminded of the fact the hard way.

The 30-year-old Sikkim man was high on alcohol when he climbed a flight of stairs of a commercial building and came tumbling down near a supermarket in Bengaluru’s Doddathoguru in the small hours of the day. A few minutes ago, he had had one too many at a bar with two friends.

Subba later told the police that three men on a motorcycle racially and physically abused and left him shirtless and injured. They had picked up a quarrel with him and called him “Chinese”, he alleged.

The police took him seriously, launched an investigation, and searched CCTV visuals which showed him going up the stairs. The investigators punched holes in his narrative and later said that he was either too drunk or cooked up the story to escape the wrath of his wife, who has been against his drinking habit.

Subba’s brother-in-law Deepak later confirmed that no one had attacked him.

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However, the story did not end there. Reportedly, Prem Singh Tamang, the chief minister of Sikkim, called up the complainant out of concern. He also called the Karnataka police to ascertain the facts, sources told South First.

According to the sources, the police explained the situation to the chief minister, and detailed how the investigators had meticulously checked the video footage and could not find either the two-wheeler or the “violent” trio.

The police said they would present the evidence in court.