Half a dozen turncoat Karnataka MLAs are looking to… turn coat again!

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BySouth First Desk

Published Jan 06, 2023 | 8:26 PM Updated Apr 04, 2023 | 9:19 PM

Karnataka Congress leaders Behind the News

Do you reckon politicians like a good game of hopscotch? Looks like at least the ones in Karnataka who quit the JD(S)-Congress government to join the BJP in 2019, are aficionados.

With elections barely four months away, it seems at least half a dozen BJP legislators — some even ministers in the incumbent Basavaraj Bommai government — are looking to jump ship… again.

At least six legislators who joined the saffron party in 2019 after walking out of their respective parties and caused the collapse of the JD(S)-Congress coalition government, are not too enthusiastic about remaining in the BJP.

With Congress’ prospects looking brighter in Karnataka, sources in the BJP and the Congress suggest that many among the 17 MLAs who quit the coalition government are looking to return to the grand old party.

While Siddaramaiah is said to be dead against allowing them back into the party, Karnataka Congress state unit chief DK Shivakumar has no such reservations.

Now, what do you call turncoats turning their coats again? Just politicians.