After two cancellations, will Amit Shah finally attend Khammam meeting on 27 August?

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Published Aug 17, 2023 | 12:10 PMUpdated Aug 17, 2023 | 12:10 PM

After two cancellations, will Amit Shah finally attend Khammam meeting on 27 August?

Once bitten twice shy. But will it prove third time lucky for Union Home Minister Amit Shah as BJP sources indicated that his twice-deferred visit to Telangana is now scheduled for 27 August?

Though he was to address a “massive public meeting” at Khammam on 15 June, it was put off at the eleventh hour. The reason given was that Amit Shah had to rush to Gujarat to oversee relief operations as Cyclone Biparjoy cyclone was hurtling towards on his home state’s coast.

While it caused extensive damage in Gujarat, Biparjoy, unknowingly, also blew away all the arrangements that the BJP had made at Khammam for the public meeting at SR and BGNR college grounds.

Party men were understood to have fixed 10,000 vehicles to move the human cargo from all parts of the erstwhile Khammam district. The leaders also expected people from neighbouring Mahabubabad, Suryapet, and Warangal districts.

However, there were also political whispers at that time that the actual reason for the postponement of Shah’s arrival was that two BRS leaders who initially gave indications that they would join the BJP at the public meeting, changed horses midstream and were looking to join the Congress.

Though the party leaders condemned this as irresponsible gossip, it did become a staple for social media buffs.

Then Amit Shah’s visit was announced once again. This time, it was restricted to Hyderabad alone.

But even as he was set to arrive on 29 July, nature intervened yet again in the shape of torrential rains wreaking havoc in Telangana. The BJP strongman, already miffed over the U-turn of the two BRS leaders, did not seem to have second thoughts about cancelling his visit.

Now party sources say Shah’s visit to Khammam is more or less confirmed. They say that he would address a public meeting on 27 August. Party sources said Shah would blow the conch for the electoral battle that lay ahead at Khammam.

But given the two earlier cancellations, party leaders are impaled on the horns of Hamletian dilemma. Should they get cracking with arrangements or wait for some more time?