YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s trusted trio on the verge of political extinction

Kodali Nani, RK Roja and Vallabhaneni Vamsi used to malign the image of Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan when the YSRCP was in power.

ByRama Mandava

Published Jul 08, 2024 | 7:00 PM Updated Jul 08, 2024 | 7:00 PM

Kodali Nani, RK Roja and Vallabhaneni Vamsi used to malign the image of Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan when the YSRCP was in power.

There is an old saw, often attributed to Confucious, that if you are seeking revenge, you have to dig two graves.

Three YSRCP leaders who spewed venom during the last five years against the TDP are now on the verge of their political extinction.

Former ministers Kodali Nani, RK Roja and former legislator Vallabhaneni Vamsi were infamous for maligning the image of Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan when the YSRCP was in power in Andhra Pradesh between 2019 and 2024.

But all of them are now standing discredited, licking their electoral battle-inflicted wounds.

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Uncertain future

Their future is uncertain as the party they represented had been blown up to smithereens in the recent Assembly elections.

They could neither stay in YSRCP as it has no future now, even Jagan Mohan Reddy himself is at a crossroads not knowing how to figure out his future course of action nor could seek entry into either the TDP or the Jana Sena as they are more or less like pariahs for the two parties.

The kind of language they used to abuse Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan continue to haunt them, precluding any chance of breaking bread with them.

Even while other leaders of the YSRCP also criticised the TDP and the Jana Sena, they did not stoop to the level of these three leaders.

The case of Roja

Take for instance Roja, who was considered a pricey asset not only by YSRCP but also by the TDP when she was in the yellow party.

She entered politics by joining the TDP in 1998 and was made the president of Telugu Mahila, the women’s wing of the TDP. In 2004, she contested from the Nagari Assembly constituency but lost the election.

In 2009, TDP fielded her from Chandragiri but she again lost the election to Congress nominee Aruna Kumari Galla

Roja, who by then was convinced that the TDP had back-stabbed her, by fielding her from Nagari once and Chandragiri for the second time, but ensured her defeat, as she felt that Naidu did not want her to win the elections.

After losing from Chandragiri, she joined the Congress which came to power in Andhra Pradesh for the second time under the leadership of YS Rajasekhar Reddy.

She later joined the YSRCP after Jagan Mohan Reddy founded his party, and ever since, she has been washing the dirty linen of the TDP and kept targeting Chandrababu Naidu, his son Lokesh and Pawan Kalyan.

The YSRCP stint

In the 2014 elections, she won from Nagari for the first time on a YSRCP ticket.  Though the party did not come to power, she was very trenchant in attacking Chandrababu Naidu, taking his name out.

In 2019, she won from Nagari once again, and though she was not made a minister in the first half of the Jagan Mohan Reddy’s dispensation, she kept unleashing a frontal attack on Naidu.

After she was taken into the cabinet, she remained all the more irrepressible, going against the TDP full throttle.

But the patterns in the political kaleidoscope began changing slowly and in the 2024 elections, she lost the election from Nagari like most of her colleagues in other parts of the state, leading to the fall of the YSRCP government. Now she remains discredited, with no support from anywhere and the TDP and Jana Sena bearing down on her.

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The abusive language of Nani

Then there is another former minister who has earned a name for speaking abusive language — Kodali Sri Venkateswara Rao alias Nani.

In his first half of governance, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy took him into his Cabinet and made him civil supplies minister.

Nani, who turned against Chandrababu Naidu, in fact, is originally from the Telugu Desam stock. He won election from Gudivada in the 2004 and 2009 elections on the TDP ticket.

In 2012, he left TDP and joined the YSRCP, as he essentially belonged to the camp of former chief minister NT Rama Rao’s (NTR) son Harikrishna with whom Naidu used to have an uneasy relationship.

After joining the YSRCP, he launched a no-holds-barred attack on Naidu. The language he used was very abusive, profane and highly defamatory.

No one had ever seen him talking about the civil supplies department for which he was the minister. He never exercised restraint in his fusillade against Chandrababu Naidu. His comments hurt Naidu and Pawan Kalyan like the sting of a wasp as he always crossed the borders of decency.

Vallabhaneni Vamsi and his rivalry with TDP

Vallabhaneni Vamsi, another leader of YSRCP, who is highly abusive in attacking his rivals, was also originally a TDP product but fell out with the leadership and joined the YSRCP.

He was a three-time MLA from Gannavaram in Krishna district.

As a postgraduate from Agricultural University in Tirupati, who graduated from ISB in Hyderabad, he was not expected to stoop to such a low level while taking on his rivals in the TDP.

Vamsi won his first election from Gannavaram as a TDP rebel in 2004.

Later, he joined TDP and was elected to the Assembly from the same constituency for the second time on the party’s ticket in 2014.

He won from the same constituency representing TDP in the 2019 elections defeating Yarlagadda Venkatarao by a mere 838 votes.

He later joined YSRCP. He was a co-producer of the film Adhurs of NTR Jr, revealing his Harikrishna, NTR Jr and Nani leanings.

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