Naidu-Revanth meeting: Andhra, Telangana agree on three-tier approach to address bifurcation issues

The first meeting between the two chief ministers went through all the issues that have been festering for the past 10 years.

ByRaj Rayasam

Published Jul 06, 2024 | 10:52 PM Updated Jul 06, 2024 | 10:52 PM

The meeting was held in an atmosphere of mutual trust and accommodation. (Revanth Reddy/X)

Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh N Chandrababu Naidu and Telangana A Revanth Reddy met at Mahatma Jyothirao Phule Praja Bhavan in Hyderabad on Saturday, 6 July, and decided to constitute a high power committee comprising chief secretaires and two officials each from the two states to address bifurcation issues.

The meeting has been seen as the first genuine step in resolving the thorny issues of state bifurcation.

Briefing media persons on the decisions taken at the meeting which lasted for about three hours, Telangana Deputy Chief Minister Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka and Andhra Pradesh Revenue Minister Anagani Satya Prasad, said that the high-power official committee will take a close look at the issues that remained unsolved and find out solutions.

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The road ahead

The committee, which cannot resolve the issues at its level, would refer them to a panel of ministers from both states. If any issues remain still unresolved, the chief ministers of both states would address them.

Vikramarka said the first meeting between the two chief minister was more exploratory in nature. He said that both chief ministers and ministers went through all the issues that have been festering for the past 10 years with an intention to find a way forward for their resolution.

“We did not assume that all the issues would be resolved at today’s meeting. We made a beginning in the direction to finding a solution. There are quite a number of issues that remained intractable all these years and it was necessary that they should be addressed at least now,” he said.

Satya Prasad said that Naidu, after taking over as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, was keen on resolving the issues between the two states at the earliest in his endevaour to put the state back on the road to development.

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Fighting drug menace

Vikramarka said that Telangana had proposed a committee of the police officers of the rank of the Inspector General of Police from both states to meet frequently to arrest smuggling and consumption of drugs.

He said that the contraband was reaching Hyderabad, crossing borders of different states and it was necessary that the state should take measures to prevent the youth from falling prey to them.

Sathya Prasad said that the Andhra government, too, was serious about the drug menace and wanted an end to it as early as possible. He said AP government readily agreed to making a joint effort to arrest the smuggling of drugs into both states.

Though the meeting could not make any headway in the resolution of the issues, at least the two states had found a way forward to address them since even no such effort was ever made earlier.

Vikramarka said that the two chief ministers went through the issues relating to division of the assets between the two states listed in the ninth and tenth schedule of the AP State Reorganisation Act, dispute over the arrears of over ₹6,700 crore payable to Andhra Pradesh for supplying power to Telangana in the initial days after the bifurcation, among others.

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A new beginning

The meeting was held in an atmosphere of mutual trust and accommodation. Bonhomie and light-hearted banter took place before the two leaders got down to the brass tacks of the agenda. As soon as Naidu arrived at the Praja Bhavan in the evening, Revanth Reddy who came there a little earlier, received him and took him inside.

There was no atmosphere of rancour as it used to be when the YSRCP was in power in the state and Naidu was in the saddle between 2014 and 2019. At that time the people of Andhra felt wounded after the central government divided the state disregarding their opposition.

After Revanth Reddy took over as the chief minister in December last, he decided to make a beginning to resolve the issues. He even called a cabinet meeting on 18 May, but it could not take place because of the model code of conduct for the Lok Sabha elections was in force.

It is now expected that the issues might be resolved quicker as Naidu and Revanth Reddy, though they belong to two different parties, share the same wave length in addressing the issues.

In fact, Naidu was Revanth Reddy’s guru when the latter was in the Telugu Desam Party. Revanth Reddy who grew under the TDP umbrella joined the Congress after the TDP lost its relevance in Telangana.

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