Plight of Congress in Andhra Pradesh: With no resources, it has to pay ₹1.4 crore property tax!

Snubbed by the AICC, the Andhra Pradesh unit has now asked state Congress members for donations, so the properties are not attached.

ByRaj Rayasam

Published Mar 19, 2023 | 9:41 PM Updated Mar 19, 2023 | 9:42 PM

Congress leaders review the progress of their Haath Se Haath Jodo campaign in Andhra Pradesh. (Supplied)

No one envies the Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC). The state unit of the Congress has been lying in tatters ever since the bifurcation of the state in 2014, and now has a gargantuan problem staring at it.

It has to cough up ₹1.4 crore as property tax to the Andhra Pradesh government by the end of this month.

As it has no resources, with its coffers emaciating long ago, the APCC sounded an SOS to the All India Congress Committee (AICC) but it threw the ball back in the APCC’s court, asking it to fend for itself.

The APCC appeal to Congress members for donation. (Supplied)

The APCC appeal to Congress members for donation. (Supplied)

With no option left, the party made an appeal for donations.

The party, which has been on life support for a long time, thus finds the missive from the state government coming as a debilitating blow.

The government had communicated to the APCC that the party owed ₹1,40,45,942.

The break up is:

  • Visakhapatnam: ₹30 lakh
  • Kakinada: Around ₹42.71 lakh
  • Eluru: Around ₹6.3 lakh
  • Vijayawada: Around ₹41.74 lakh
  • Guntur: Around ₹3.92 lakh
  • Ongole: Around ₹5.32 lakh
  • Nellore: Around ₹1.52 lakh
  • Kadapa: ₹6 lakh
  • Kurnool: Around 2.95 lakh

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Appeal to central leadership

The APCC appeal to the AICC. (Supplied)

The APCC appeal to the AICC. (Supplied)

APCC president Gidugu Rudra Raju, immediately after the receipt of the notices, sent a letter to AICC treasurer Pawan Kumar Bansal on 3 March.

In the letter, he said the details of tax demand rasied by the Andhra Pradesh government for other districts would be sent soon.

When the AICC did not respond kindly to the crisis, Rudra Raju sent out an appeal to all members of the party in the state on Saturday, 18 March, to donate to the party in its hour of crisis.

He pointed out that the government had warned the party that in the event of defaulting in payment, it would take the extreme step of attaching the properties.

As the AICC advised the APCC to raise funds from the party members, he said he was seeking cooperation from them as the arrears have to be cleared before the end of this financial year, which was less than two weeks away.

The appeal had the details of the State Bank of India account held by the party in the Gruhakalpa branch in Nampally in Hyderabad for the members to send in their donations.

The loyalty of the AP Congress members is now being put to test. It remains to be seen to what extent they would help the party out.

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